AutoWWW 1.1 Released

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AutoWWW 1.1 Released

11/9/2014 | Comments: 10

AutoWWW 1.1 has just been released for Linux.

Windows builds do not exist yet, but it can be compiled for Windows.


New features include:

- browser.clear_console() to clear the current console output

- HTML formatting support in console

- Pause script button to pause execution

- Support for persistent python objects that are kept during multiple script-runs (check the module for example usage)

- Button to play only the selected part of the script

- Support for css selectors in browser.set_focus_to()

- Fixed scrolling on pages with multiple frames

- Syntax highlighter improvements

- "All-Tabs" button to replicate clicks and keystrokes on all tabs

- Improved focus handling with multiple tabs

- browser.set_allow_popups(True/False) to enable loading of popups

- browser.get_frame_html()

- browser.mouse_move(), mouse_press() and mouse_release()

- Button to block tab closing (enabled by default)

- browser.set_user_agent()

- browser.click_element() now supports CSS selector instead of ID

- HTML LocalStorage support

- Dropped support for Qt4



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Nautical   8/21/2019

The lates release is from 2014. Now we have 2019. Is this project still alive or dead since 2014?

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